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Serious Medical ECM, BPM, Document Management, and Forms Processing

Medical DocWarehouse™ is a comprehensive web-based Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software product suite for the Medical industry. This product suite is by far the most dynamic ECM, Forms Processing, Workflow, and Business Process Management (BPM) product available on the market today. It can be configure in infinite ways to solve any ECM/BPM/or Forms Processing requirement guaranteed... Or we'll write the code you need for FREE!!!

Emphasis has been given to large scale medical document scanning, data capture, and forms processing. Strict guidelines have been followed to ensure the patient data is tightly secured. Use of digital signatures and the Vasco DigiPass help to exceed medical industry standards for medical data security.

Call today to speak with a Sales engineer about your specific requirements. Don't have IT resources available? No problem, our professional services group can design, configure, and code any customizations or business rules you desire!
Detailed Documentation
Product Brochure System Specifications Application Programmers' Interface (API) Guide

High Volume Document Scanning
Image and Data Capture
Web Based Forms Processing
Business Rule Processing
Call Center Support
IVR Support
Correspondence Printing
Advanced Security using DigiPass
Cosign Digital Signatures
Support for all document types
Supports Audio and Video files
1D and 2D Barcode Recognition
Completely Configurable
Extensible through code TouchPoints
Advanced extensibility through DLL and Webservice APIs
Uses robust SQL Server 2000 or SQL Server 2005 back end databases
Fully managed code written in C#.Net from the ground up
Can be configured to call any .Net DLL
Integrated with Asterisk PBX on Red Hat Linux

Now you can secure your DocWarehouse™ implementation with Vasco's DigiPass™.
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