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Visual Data Software Corporation's Privacy Policy

Visual Data Software Corporation respects your privacy and takes every possible measure to ensure that your data is kept secure.

Standards of Data Security
Under no circumstances will your data ever be released to any person or organization outside of Visual Data Software Corporation without your express written consent. Any database backups that we receive with your data are stored in a secured environment and are used only to support your implementation of our software products and services. Upon project support termination or upon written request from you, our customer, VDS will destroy all copies of your data in our posession.
Data Sales and Distribution
Visual Data Software Corporation NEVER sells customer data or customer contact information to third parties. We don't give it away freely either. Terms of all product purchases and maintenance agreements and requested enhancements are kept in the strictest of confidence.
Physical Security Measures
Visual Data Software Corporation protects its data and its customer's data by implementing 24 hr survailence and site monitoring at each of our facilities where sensitive data is stored. Our production data center and disaster recovery site utilize video camera survailence, 24 hour security guards, and biometric scanners and visitor logs.
Questions or Comments
If you have questions or comments regarding our Security Policy, please don't hesitate to call us or send us an email.

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