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Scanning and Indexing

Overview The DocWarehouse™ product suite can be configured to allow Visual Data Software Corporation to be your outsourced scanning and/or indexing vendor. We are located in Lawrence, Kansas, the home of Kansas University. This allows us to draw from a large temporary staffing base to scale-up quickly for projects with high volumes and short time frames.

Contact us today to see how we can provide the following scanning and indexing related services to your company or government agency:

   Document Transportation If your organization is in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Deleware, New Jersey, Virginia, Illinois, or Colorado, VDS can arrange scheduled pickups at your locations to scan, index, and return or store your documents. In all other states, VDS can use shipping carriers to facilitate document pickup and return.
Batch Preparation VDS Staff can take the pain out of preparring documents for scanning by removing paper clips, staples, spiral bindings, and even glued book bindings. We can photocopy torn pages, and prepare documents for scanning as small as postage stamps up and through extra wide formatted documents.
Document Scanning Using mid to high volume scanners as needed, VDS staff are available to use the DocWarehouse™ Scan client to scan thousands of documents up through hundreds of millions of documents annually for our clients.
Document Indexing Using the DocWarehouse™ web interface, our staff can index scanned images that are not data capture ready.
Automated Data Capture DocWarehouse™ has built in Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Optical Marksense Recognition (OMR), Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), Magnetic ICR (MICR), 1D Barcode Recognition, and 2D Barcognition and reading. If your forms support it, we can capture it. If you need help designing your forms for use in an automated data capture / forms processing project, contact us for a form design quote as well.
Document Storage VDS offers short term, long term, low security, and high security document storage for projects of any size. High security document storage is stored 12 stories underground in a cave here in Kansas in an environmentally controlled facility under 24 hour security.
Document Retrieval Using the DocWarehouse™ Web interface, our customers can search for and retrieve any document that scan and index online. We can also locate the paper document if we have it on site or in storage and fax or deliver the physical document to our customers.
Document Destruction If desired, rather than returning original documents, VDS can destroy the documents using high-security document shredders.

Export to Media We can export scanned images to all popular image formats and PDF documents with or without data using guidelines you provide us with. Export media can be to magnetic tape, CD ROM, DVD ROM, and portable hard drives.

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