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Visual Data Software Corporation has formed strategic partnerships with the following world class service vendors to allow us to offer a comprehensive set of services to complete solutions implemented using our comprehensive product suites.

World-Wide Document Scanning and Indexing
Off-shore data capture – depending on the project, it sometimes makes financial sense to key large volumes of data in countries like Mexico, India, and China. When doing this, VDS uses our Key From Snippet web based interface that only shows a small rectangle of the area of a document that needs to be keyed. This greatly increases security by ensuring that the off-shore companies only have access to the parts of a document that they need to read in order to capture data.

World Class Call Center
Stenocall operates a bi-lingual call center (English and Spanish) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They support inbound calls and outbound campaigns alike.

World Class Call Center Fulfillment – On many projects, processing forms sometimes requires a large volume that is best handled by a professional printing company. VDS has integrated Visual DocWarehouse with a large printing and fulfillment house to support such projects.

For over a half century, Towne AllPoints Communications has been helping companies to develop and execute their direct response communications programs with a clear focus on results. Towne has developed a Response System that assists companies in communicating directly with their prospects / clients through direct mail, e-mail, fax and / or voice broadcasting. Once the prospect / client responds, Towne will capture the appropriate data and fulfill the requested literature, kit or promotional item within 24 hours. Towne will then analyze the data captured to give you the information that you need to make marketing decisions and determine your ROI.

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